What could you do if you had your very own TV show?

Especially with the potential to be seen by millions of people globally?

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Increase your visibility, reach, and impact by streaming across media platforms Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV

And don’t worry – if you’re “new” to TV, we help you step into it in a big way.


Our VIP training will help you show up in a highly impactful way.


Everything from VIP remote production training to marketing and monetization will be top-notch.

Are you ready to expand your brand across major
TV streaming platforms globally?​

If you answered YES, then listen up because…

and it’s BETTER THAN social media!

For the first time ever, a new way of reaching people where they live has arrived for content creators, hosts, and filmmakers of all levels – and YOU have the opportunity to become an “early adopter” and get on board this media revolution!

A Major Opportunity!

You’re probably aware of TV streaming platforms 

Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.


Well, what if YOU could have your very own TV show, documentary, film, or virtual event streaming across all those different platforms, at once?!


Do you think your visibility, credibility, and growth would EXPLODE?

You're Absolutely Right!

This “breakthrough” new media opportunity I want to tell you about is what will get you there – elevated far above the current over-saturated world of social media.


It carries a value that makes you so much more than just somebody with a free YouTube channel.  The brand recognition and credibility that comes with these media giants creates incredible leveraging power for YOU.


I’ll invite you to subscribe in a moment. First, let me introduce myself…

I am the Creative Director of Pink Icing, a marketing and branding agency and the Founder of KP Media TV, a premiere online television + streaming media company that distributes digital talk shows, series, documentaries, and films across Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire.


Currently, I'm looking for content creators and entrepreneurs just like you who want to reach the world with your message, movement, or business to make an unforgettable IMPACT.

If you’ve got something you’re burning to share – with your own TV talk show, series, documentary, or independent film – NOW you can get your message out and your voice heard.

Our TV streaming network was developed by the exact same developer of other well-known networks such as HBO and Hulu.


In other words, this is the Big Leagues – not some

second-rate network.


This is YOUR opportunity that awaits ahead of you.

But You Must Act Now!

As you can imagine, the “early adopters” will be jumping all over this.  And, as that continues to happen, the price will continue to increase for those who wait.

$300setup fee

PLUS $497/month*


  • Your OWN branded channel on the network
  • Live streaming across Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Airplay
  • One hour weekly live show or up to 2- hour independent film 
  • One dedicated weekly programming time slot
  • Ability to stream live shows on social media platforms simultaneously
  • Audio version of your shows distributed to iTunes & Google Podcast
  • Video onboarding to help you get your channel up and running quickly
  • Dedicated support from an experienced broadcast manager
  • VOD (Video On Demand) channel for viewers to access your past shows and content
  • Access to our private VIP member area for easily digestible production, marketing, and monetization training to help enhance the quality and impact of your shows and monetize your channel
  • Rate Lock-in Guarantee - no matter how much our rates increase, you will keep the same monthly rate as long as you remain a continuous active network host
  • KP Media TV private support community

*Packages require our 3rd party preferred streaming tool ($25/month additional).  Not included in media plan pricing.

$500setup fee + graphic

PLUS $497/month*


  • One high-quality custom TV show graphic

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